Alternative Health Community Centre

The objectives of the Alternative Health Community Centre are:

  • Provide better access to primary health care services for the local community and students of the Alternative Education Centre
  • Develop diffusion, training and monitoring activities concerning health prevention, promotion and protection
  • Implement the Alternative Health Education Programme, integrating active, holistic and comprehensive health prevention, incorporating traditional medicines, as part of the educational culture, student training and daily life
  • Raise awareness about the connections between nature-nutrition-health-sport

The Alternative Health Community Centre is based on five components:

  • Medical, dental, optometric, nutrition services, vaccination and oral rehydration, and alternative medicine (traditional medicine and CTM) for the local community and students
  • Alternative Health Education Programme for TALE students
  • Hygiene and Alternative Health Programme for the local community, and TALE teaching and administrative staff
  • Laboratory for the Making of Natural Medicine Products, in coordination with the output of the AgroEcological Farm
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratory

Provision of generic medications