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Vision and Mission

of the Community Centres for Sustainable Development


The Community Centres for Sustainable Development aims at an integral and intercultural sustainable development, focusing on respect, dignity, non-discrimination, equality, justice, participatory democracy, social solidarity, interculturality, secularism; on the respect of the natural environment; on the empowerment of women and gender equality; on co-operation (not competition); and the highest ethical standards; whose ultimate objective is to improve the living conditions and quality of life of indigenous, rural and marginal-urban population.


The Community Centres for Sustainable Development aims at empowering indigenous, rural and marginal-urban people and communities and contribute to: poverty reduction and increasing employment; nutrition and food security; preventive health, sanitation and hygiene (including traditional medicine); rights and inclusion of indigenous peoples (and interculturality); ecology and organic farming; renewable energy (and rainwater recovery and water recycling); access and use of ICTs; effective access to quality and relevant education.

Where we are

• ACDIP, La Libertad, Petén:
16.78°N, -90.12°W; 209 m/asl, 98,000 habs. (county)

Community Centres for Sustainable Development

  • 3a. calle A 23-63, Z. 15, B-704 01015 Guatemala Guatemala
  • T. +(502) 5155 4368 T. +(33)6-81288136
  • www.ccsd-1.org

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